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GNI - Providing succor

Greater North Initiative wants to reposition Northern Nigeria into a prosperous, peaceful and competitive region in Nigeria’s socio-economic and political development


The 2011 post-election violence that caused massive destructions in most northern states of Adamawa, Bauchi, Borno, Gombe, Jigawa, Kaduna, Kano, Kastina, Niger, Sokoto, Yobe and Zamfara, inspired the evolution of this Association. Relief officials estimate that more than 65,000 people have been displaced.

The attendant carnage caused by the riots have compelled us, a group of professionals of northern region to look at the implications of these problems its causes and how to minimise them. The team examined the prospects of the region and its people under such a scenario in Nigeria’s political, social and economic development.

We identified poverty, ignorance, bad governance and diminished cultural norms and values as responsible for many of the ills that make youths ready tools in the hands for troublemakers.

Unaccompanied children at Maikohi Camp, Adamawa State

Unaccompanied children at Maikohi Camp, Adamawa State

Similar groups of like minds were identified across many states in the North who had started programmes of action towards the amelioration of these societal ills in order to reposition our region to take its rightful place in our national polity.

These groups with similar objectives of repositioning the northern region and its people at the grass roots have agreed to consolidate into a pan northern group which will interface with other groups to galvanize a frontier that promotes National cohesion, unity, economic development and prosperity.


The pan regional group was registered at the corporate affairs commission under the name GREATER – NORTH INITIATIVE; (GNI) with membership open to people from all states of Northern Nigeria. The objectives of this group are:

  1. Good governance
  2. Educational development
  3. Social re-orientation
  4. Economic empowerment.

The group being non- governmental, non-partisan and open to all northerners is out to mobilize youths to invest their time, energy and intellect in skill acquisition, mass literacy, social re-orientation and strengthening regional bonds to foster unity and peaceful co- existence.

GNI will interface with government and other interest groups in protecting good family values which the north is known for by using religious bodies, civil society groups, community leaders and elders to rebuild our lost glories.

The group have identified the critical role Local and State governments in the region will play in harnessing the enormous human resource in our youths which if properly articulated will play a pivotal role in discouraging our youths from falling easy prey in the hands of criminally minded people that engage them in acts of terrorism, banditry and hopelessness.

GNI is willing to key into and be a partner in progress with the Federal Government in its desire to provide good governance, revamping educational development in the North eastern region, social re-orientation of our youths to tame the menace of terrorism, banditry, cultism, thuggery and other social vices as well as the rebuilding of the North east region that was plagued by insurgency in particular and the North in general.

GNI has commenced consultations with similar bodies in the Southern part of the Country in areas of mutual interest for collaboration, cooperation and pair review for national cohesion, unity and stability.

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